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Production Notes

a short supernatural drama
(USA, 2014, TRT 19:58)


Director: Juli S. Kobayashi
Writers: Juli S. Kobayashi & Celiné Justice
Producers: Juli S. Kobayashi & Celiné Justice
Production Company: Finishing Sisters Productions
Director of Photography: Henrik A. Meyer, DFF
Editor: Juli S. Kobayashi
Sound Designers: Engin U. Kaplan & Barbaros A. Kaynak
Shooting Format: RED
Screening Format: DCP or blu-ray DVD
Scope (2.35), 24fps / audio: LCR
Genre: Supernatural drama

Download Our Press Kit


Press kit contains production contacts & notes, logline, synopses (short & long), director's statement, bios for Juli S. Kobayashi and Celiné Justice, acting credits, and full end credits.

Promotional Images

Promo Images

Filmmaker Headshots

Filmmaker Headshots

Celiné Justice
Lead Actress / Writer / Producer

Juli S. Kobayashi

Director / Writer / Producer / Editor

photo by Guido Venitucci Photography

Production Stills

Production Stills

ONE PAST Still #1: "Charlie"

ONE PAST Still #2: "Charlie waking up"

ONE PAST Still #3: "Rafael"

ONE PAST Still #4: "Mural"

ONE PAST Still #5: "Transparent Lyla"

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